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Painless Root Canal Treatment –

Firstly, Do you fear root canal treatment? You are not alone as millions of people believe endodontics procedures to be very painful. You need root canal treatment to save a badly infected or damaged tooth. It involves removing the soft center of the tooth called the pulp. You may find the root canal treatment no more painful than a dental filling. However, if you delay root canal treatment you could lose your teeth or suffer a gum infection. Take a look at the best dentist in Bangalore for Root Canal treatment

Is root canal treatment really painful?

You need root canal treatment if the soft inner part of your tooth called the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. Your dentist will remove the infected pulp to preserve the tooth structure. Thus, The root canal treatment procedure needs a local anesthetic so that you feel no pain and just a numbing sensation.

Furthermore, You may believe that removing the tooth nerve and pulp could affect your tooth. However, the tooth nerve is not very important to your tooth’s health and function. Its main function is mainly sensory or it helps you feel the sensation of hot and cold. However, without root canal treatment the tissue surrounding your tooth gets infected leading to the formation of an abscess. It may result in tooth loss and gum infection.

Modern dental technology and equipment make root canal treatment a painless process. However, the success of the procedure depends on the skill of your dentist. You must pick a dentist who is skilled in root canal treatment and has done many successful procedures. Contact the best dentist for root canal treatment in Bangalore.