Dental Clinic In Bangalore

About Us

  • Diva Dental Care is situated in Wilson Garden, Bangalore.

  • We also have a branch in Garvebhavipalya which is near Bommanahalli.

  • Since then, Our clients recognize us for delivering world-class dental treatment at affordable costs.
  • Above all, we are very passionate about oral health care.

Dental Specialists Available

  1. Expert Family Dentist
  2. Rotary and Laser Endodontist
  3. Cosmetic Periodontist
  4. Invisalign Orthodontist
  5. Pediatric Oral Health Expert Dentist
  6. Teeth Replacement Expert Prosthodontist
  7. Laminates and Cosmetic Aesthetic Dentist
  8. General Dental Surgeon
  9. Dentofacial Orthopedist
  10. Implantologist
  11. Oral Medicine and Radiology
  12. Preventive Dentistry
  13. Oral Pathologist
  14. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon
  15. Primary Care Dentist
  16. Restorative Dentist
  17. Geriatric Dentist
  18. Operative Dentist
  19. Oral Maxillofacial Prosthetician
  20. Hospital Dentist
  21. Dental Prosthetician
  22. Orthodontist & Dentofacial
  23. Orthopedist
  24. Functional Orthopedist
  25. Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction & Orofacial Pain Specialist
  26. Dentist for Patients with Special Needs
  27. Dental Labor Specialist
  28. Buco Maxillofacial Surgeron and Traumatology Specialist
  29. Oral Radiologist
COVID Safety

Advantages of choosing a dental clinic nearby Bangalore City

It’s wise to opt for all under one roof tooth care during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s best to choose your tooth doctor where you can walk to it or take a short drive. Hence, It saves the hassles of making a long journey through public transport, keeping you safer from contracting the coronavirus infection. Choosing us is an advantage because we have all the specialties under one roof removes the need to travel for other treatments. The teeth cleaning, fitting titanium implants, tooth whitening, and additional treatment are all at your convenience. Pick a dentist who offers all under one roof tooth care, even if it’s not your regular dentist. 


Search For An Affordable Dentist In Bangalore

Select a dentist offering affordable dental treatment. Moreover, The cost of treatment is vital in these COVID-19 times as every rupee matters. Never compromise on quality for affordable treatment. Everyone searches for offers or affordable and quality treatment with all under one roof. Dental treatment is not a luxury and is vital for a healthy body. Don’t compromise on quality tooth care and choose a dentist who offers flexible financing programs.


Look for a dentist nearby who offer free dental check-up for online appointments.  The dentist must provide flexible arrangements to meet him at your convenience. Select the one who is offering the right dental treatment at the best price, which keeps your comfort in mind when scheduling appointments. It’s great if the dentist works Saturdays as working from home on weekdays may be testing for you.

Picking the correct doctor is not the only criteria. The place must be neat and orderly, the staff polite and courteous.

What Can You Expect When You Visit Our Dental Clinic In Bangalore?

  • We offer extended opening hours on request to treat your oral health problems and make your visit as convenient as possible.
  • We believe in transparency when it comes to the treatment cost and oral healthcare.
  • In Fact, you will be told exactly how much your treatment will cost before it begins.
  • In other words, our treatment procedures make our patients smile one at a time in the long term.
Dentist In Bangalore

We Are Your Smile Dental Clinic Because

  • Our clinics are situated on the ground floor, as it would be difficult for older people to climb to an office present on the 1st floor.
  • We try to restrict a tooth decay in moving to the 2nd stage of caries by providing preventive tooth care procedures.
  • The parking is available at a feet road.
  • We pride ourselves on affordable treatment procedures like smile designing and oral care.
  • As a result, our goal is to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.
  • Finally, We offer a  full range of treatment procedures with a quality of work.
  • We are attached to the best dental hospitals and diagnostic labs for oral medicine and radiology.

Why choose us?

We have a family dentist in our practice, for you and your dear ones. We believe that periodic check-up is as important as your immediate oral health requirements.

Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy is one of the finest names in dentistry. Our aim is to bring the highest standards of oral health care.

Dental Clinic In Bangalore

Here our friendly and energetic team loves to work to create a positive experience every time you visit us.

We are feeling proud to have the best dest team of dentists, for all our dental services. Hence, Our clinics are an advanced center for modern Cosmetic Dentistry, gum disease, and wisdom tooth extraction. So, now you can relax to have the best oral health services, world-class state of the art tooth implants, root canal treatment in Bengaluru. Our best dentist’s team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons is ready to help you in getting back your smile and your confidence.

Are You Looking For An Affordable Dentist In Bangalore?

If your answer is YES, then submit your details for A FREE Dental Consultation. Diva Dental Clinic welcomes all patients to our practice. Moreover, We have helped many patients deal with tooth issues caused by smoking. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help to restore your teeth. So, Contact us to schedule a visit today. We look forward to meeting you.  We provide dental treatment with a caring personal touch.

Why Teeth are most important to us?

Our teeth play an important role in our life. The roots of our teeth go deep into our jaw. If they are no longer there, the bone will become weaker. Missing teeth are also spoiling our appearance. So to replace these missing teeth you need to visit the best implant dentist in Bangalore.