Dentists Are Not Expensive, NEGLECT IS

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Dentists Are Not Expensive, NEGLECT IS

Dentists Is Not Expensive Neglect Is"dentists-are-not-expensive-neglect-is"

Oh my God, My dentist is a thief. He has robbed me of all my money. Worse….I had to go thrice to the wretched clinic…. On the first visit, he charged Rs 5,000 just for cleaning the teeth. The second visit was all about tooth measurements. A single ceramic tooth cap costs Rs 10,000. Fortunately, there’s a 5-year warranty. The third visit was believed it or not, putting a ceramic cap on the tooth. I paid a whopping 15,000 bucks. Is this not daylight robbery?

My friend, Stop…Ponder….Think... Is the dentist a thief or is neglect costing you money? Neglecting teeth can be expensive. Don’t make brushing a scraping motion. Take time to clean your teeth and do consult your dentist who is just trying to help.

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dentists are not expensive neglect is

Forget about the money. Just think of losing your teeth. They are like precious pearls that cannot be replaced. Neglect could mean cavities and loss of teeth. How will you eat? It’s going to be a herculean task.

What are dentists doing? He’s trying to save your teeth from years of neglect and you are talking money. All the money in the World cannot replace teeth. So when brushing hard the next time, do remember that you are scraping the enamel of your teeth. The dentists might not be able to save your teeth even if they want to.

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A small investment can save teeth with dentists

Your oral health requires a little money and time. In life, there’s no substitute for hard work and the same holds true with teeth. Take at least 2 minutes to brush your teeth and do brush the right way.

Brushing twice a day the proper way for at least 2 minutes can go a long way in having a good oral hygiene. Facing tooth problems in spite of brushing? Find a dentist nearby who helps solve tooth problems.

Beauty lies in your teeth

Girls out there who spend lots of money on cosmetics, hairdos, lovely dresses and perfumes, what will you do without teeth? Beauty lies in your smile, so don’t neglect them.

If you need braces don’t hesitate. Just go for them. There’s no substitute for a beautiful smile and in the right places. Don’t look at the money. When you can spend thousands and thousands of rupees on cosmetics and clothes, why not a little on braces to make your smile look really good? It's an investment which will pay ten times over.

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Neglecting Dentists means pain

Do you know how painful cavities can be? You just can’t eat or sleep. Its neglect which brings cavities. Not brushing in time or properly means painful cavities. Postponing those visits to the dentist can be costly.


Just brushing and good oral hygiene is not enough. You need to go for regular dental checkups. Dentists keep painful cavities away. Imagine the time and money lost in painful cavities? You just can’t do any work and definitely can’t sleep. The pain keeps you awake. When painful cavities make you rush to the dentist anyway, why not keep dental appointments and save teeth from cavities?

With teeth it’s not about money

Think of teeth as an investment. An investment in YOU. It helps you eat and give you a beautiful smile. They radiate beauty. A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words. These are things that cannot be bought with money.

What use is all the money in the World if you need dentures to chew food? Dentures are artificial and gums made of hard resin and replace lost or removed natural teeth. Dentures are custom-designed to fit your mouth and visually matched to existing teeth.

The problem with dentures? They are no match for natural teeth. The material used in dentures wears out quicker. Dentures are fragile and can easily crack. In spite of all shortcomings, dentures are the best replacement. They are the next best thing to natural teeth.

If you brush regularly the right way and go for regular dental checks, you won't lose teeth. Dentists do all they can. They give you dentures to chew food and stay nourished, help you smile, support the structure around cheeks and lips and replace rotten teeth with a strong and beautiful alternative.

Neglecting teeth can be painful, expensive and cause irreparable damage. Save teeth with the help of your dentists. Set up consultations with a dentist nearby at Bangalore.