Partial Denture

Partial Denture

Partial denture makes the best treatment option advised for people with missing teeth causing eating difficulties and speech issues. Do you find missing multiple teeth a cosmetic concern? They are a solution to the problem. Moreover, It contains plastic or metal anchored to natural teeth with metal clasps. Hence, It offers full functionality to your mouth and is a viable alternative to dental implants and bridges. However, you must have some natural teeth in your mouth's lower and upper parts for partial dentures. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore for high-quality dental treatment.

Partial Denture: Everything You Need To Know

What is a partial denture?

You may consider them removable dentures that can replace several missing teeth from the lower and the upper portions of your mouth. It is better than complete dentures.

They contain a resin base and are customized to fit your mouth. It has clasps made of plastic or metal to wrap around your healthy teeth and keep them secure. The key to the performance is the customized fit to prevent trauma to natural teeth and gums. Take a look at tips to choose the best dental clinic in Bangalore. You may consider them for more than just cosmetic reasons. It helps you eat and speak better and brings back the bright smile on your face.


Partial Denture In Bangalore

Why do you need removable teeth replacement?

You may have lost several teeth in an accident, tooth decay, or tooth extraction.  Consider them to replace multiple missing teeth.


  • Firstly, They help you chew food items and enhance your speech. It also prevents your teeth from shifting and preserves them for a longer time.
  • You may remove them when you sleep at night and clean them thoroughly to prevent tooth decay.
  • The procedure is a less invasive procedure and is cheaper as compared to the other tooth replacement options.
  • Hence, It helps you preserve some of your natural teeth rather than a complete denture.
  • You don’t have to go around with missing teeth after tooth extraction. Normally, getting complete dentures takes time and missing teeth post-tooth extraction can be awkward. However, they are ready immediately and you can eat, speak and smile with confidence. Contact a dentist nearby who can help you with dental implants.

Different types of partial dentures

The partial dentures you need depend on the location of the teeth in your mouth. For instance, partial dentures can replace missing teeth at the front or the back of your mouth.You may consider partial dentures for replacing front teeth as it helps with eating and enhances your appearance. Moreover, replacing back teeth with partial dentures helps you eat and speak better. Take a look at tips to choose the best dental clinic in Bangalore

Cast metal removable partial dentures:

You may consider cast metal partial dentures as high-quality teeth replacement on a rigid metal frame. You have the less expansion version having cast metal partials attached to your existing teeth with metal clasps. However, you could opt for precision attachments for aesthetic reasons.


Acrylic Flippers

You could opt for acrylic removable partial dentures or flippers. It has artificial teeth set in a thick acrylic base to reduce the risk of breakage. However, it’s a temporary solution until you get a permanent restoration. Moreover, you have the flipper fixed to natural teeth and it’s visible when you talk or speak. Contact a dentist nearby who can help you with dental implants


Flexible partial dentures

You may choose flexible partial dentures if you experience discomfort when using acrylic or cast metal partial dentures. It is flexible as it’s made up of a thin heat-sensitive plastic which makes it comfortable and realistic in appearance.

It's 's attached with gum-colored clasps which fit into the spaces around your teeth. It is costlier as compared to flippers but may last for some years.

How to pick the right partial dentures?

You may consider the anatomy of the mouth, remaining teeth, and cosmetic appearance before selecting the right partial dentures. Consider these tips to help you select the right partial dentures.

  • Allergies: You may have to avoid acrylic or cast metal partial dentures if you suffer from allergies. It helps if you opt for flexible partial dentures for extra comfort.
  • Cosmetic reasons: You may opt for acrylic and precision attachments if you are missing front teeth. It improves your look and smile and there are no visible metal clasps.
  • Cost: You may weigh the cost vs benefits of partial dentures to pick the right partial dentures. However, don’t focus on the cost alone but opt for the right partial denture that improves the aesthetic appearance and reduces long-term expenses.

How to take care of partial dentures?

  • Use the denture cleaner offered by the dentist to clean your partial dentures. Do not clean dentures with regular toothpaste.
  • Some practice is required while inserting and removing your partial dentures.
  • Never force the partial denture by biting down on it as it could bend or break the plastic or metal clasps.
  • Everyone have to wear your partial dentures for a long time, initially to get used to them.
  • You may find wearing partial dentures for a long time uncomfortable, but it helps identify areas where the dentures put too much pressure. The dentist will make the necessary adjustments to prevent that area from getting sore.
  • If you suffer from mouth sores near your dentures or the partial dentures break you must contact your dentist immediately.
  • You must avoid hard and sticky foods and stick to soft foods cut into small pieces during the adjustment period. Take a look at the top 10 reasons for toothaches.


Cost of partial dentures

The cost you incur on partial dentures depends on the material. The Indian plate is Rs 2,500 plus Rs 200 per tooth. The imported plates cost around Rs 4,000 plus Rs 400 per tooth. However, the flexible ones cost Rs 7,000 per plate plus Rs 800 per tooth. The cast partial denture costs Rs 12,000 per plate plus Rs 1,500 per tooth.