Replacement Of Teeth and Cost

Replacement Of Teeth and Cost is very important for people with missing teeth.

Removable Partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are devices used to replace a set of missing teeth or cover damaged teeth. As the name suggests, these dentures are removable and are offered to patients who cannot have a fixed dental bridge. The dentures are made up of a mixture of acrylic, plastic, porcelain, and metal, hence are strong enough to replace the missing teeth.  Patients can remove these dentures on their own without the help of a dentist. It is an advantage for people as it can be easily removed and cleaned regularly. The cost of Removable partial dentures in India varies from around Rs 12000 - Rs 30000 depending on the type of materials used.

Flexible Dentures Replacement Of Teeth and Cost

Flexible dentures differ from regular partial dentures in terms of thickness. Flexible dentures are softer than regular dentures, hence making it more comfortable. Flexible dentures are made up of thin thermoplastics.  These are called flexible dentures because of their ability to bend due to the soft material. flexible dentures are made in a way that they adapt to the gum structure of the mouth without causing any disturbances . As it is more soft and comfortable , many people prefer flexible dentures over regular dentures. Flexible dentures in India cost around Rs 10000 - Rs 20000.

Partial Dentures Replacement Of Teeth and Cost

Partial dentures are mostly removable dentures and act as an alternative to bridges and dental implants. Partial dentures contain artificial replacement teeth attached to a gum-like structure that is fixed in the mouth to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures can be used to correct multiple missing teeth but cannot be used to update an entire set of upper or lower teeth. Partial dentures are attached to the existing natural teeth using devices known as precision attachments . Partial dentures are also used to improve the structure of the mouth and also improve your speech. Partial dentures in india cost around Rs 10000 - Rs 40000

Immediate Dentures and Cost

Immediate dentures are temporary solutions to replace missing teeth. An immediate denture is fixed on the same day your tooth is extracted. The immediate denture acts as a substitute until the regular partial denture is ready to be used. Since the immediate dentures are not custom-made for the patient, they most probably would not fit perfectly and might not be comfortable for the patient. Immediate dentures are not sharp like normal dentures, hence chewing food would be tough for the patient. A patient might have to use immediate dentures for around 4-7 months until the permanent dentures arrive . During this period the dentures need to be constantly realigned to fit in the mouth. Immediate dentures in India cost around Rs 15000- Rs 30000.


Complete Dentures and cost

Complete dentures are used by people who have lost all the teeth in their jaw. Unlike regular dentures which are used to replace missing teeth by being attached to existing natural teeth. The complete dentures look exactly like the inside of a mouth. It contains artificial gums with artificial teeth connected to it . Complete dentures are designed in such a way that they can be fixed in a mouth without the support of natural teeth. Complete dentures are exclusively supported by the gum tissues. The fitting of the complete denture depends on how much bone loss has occurred due to the teeth loss. The cost of complete dentures in India is around Rs 20000- Rs 40000.

Partial dentures can be the cheapest way to get your teeth replaced. However dental bridges and dental implants provide you a more permanent solution to your tooth loss problems . Partial dentures cost around Rs 10000- Rs 40000. Dental bridges can cost around Rs 10000 - Rs 50000 while dental implants can cost around Rs 20000 - 50000 per implant.