Root Canal Treatment Cost

Root Canal Treatment Cost In Bangalore varies depending on the dentist or Endodontist In Bangalore who is doing the procedure.

Types Of Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that requires a dentist to remove infected from the tooth's root canals. Here your dentist uses

  • hand files
  • rotary instruments
  • ultrasonic instruments.


Moreover, These fine instruments help to clean and shape the canals in the tooth. The cost of this procedure varies depending on the type of instrument used in the root canal system. A basic manual root treatment procedure using hand files can cost about Rs 1800 to Rs 3500.


What is a rotary root canal procedure?

The rotary root canal treatment procedure uses rotary files to remove the decayed from inside the tooth. Furthermore, The cost of root canal treatment In Bangalore varies depending on the location of the clinic. Hence, The value of the rotary RCT procedure is typically between Rs 6500 to Rs 9000.



Benefits of a RCT treatment done with an Endodontist?

Firstly, Rotary root canal treatment with an endodontist is a minimally invasive procedure. This procedure effectively saves your teeth from extraction. Moreover, The rotary technique is a cutting and shaping of the root canal system to remove any decay or infection. Furthermore, the root requires a filling after shaping the root canal space. Here a dentist uses a high-speed motorized machine spins a small drill bit inside the tooth with precision.


Root Canal endodontist

Microscopic Root canal treatment

Microscopic root canal treatment is a procedure that is used to treat tooth decay and infections. The procedure involves drilling into the tooth to remove any infected or decayed tissue. The dentist will then clean out the canals with a special instrument and seal them off with a filling material. There are very few dentists in Bangalore who provide microscopic root canal treatment.  The approximate price of a microscopic root canal treatment would vary from Rs 12000 to Rs 16000.


What is it like to get a root canal treatment for Free at a dental college nearby?

Dental schools provide free Root canals treatment services as a way to teach students and the public about this procedure.  Senior Dentists and professors supervise the procedures done by the students. The end result is that the student who performs your root canal could end up taking longer appointments in the learning process.  Hence this results in prolonged infection or other complications. Some colleges have a minimal fee for RCT done by aspiring MDS students.


Disadvantages of getting a root canal treatment done without an apex locator?

If the length of a tooth canal is not negotiated, it's very difficult during root canal treatment. Hence, the lack of an apex locator could lead to a longer procedure. This means more time and money spent on the patient. It's possible that the dentist will have to use a drill bit in order to access the nerve.



What happens when people look for cheaper root canal treatment?

A lot Of people looking for cheaper root canal treatment may be looking to save money. However, these set of people risk their health in the process. All Root canal treatment procedures require an expert dentist. It is important that the person performing the procedure have a lot of. This is because there is always a risk for infection in an underfilled root canal treatment procedure.