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Diet Teeth are both so important for maintaining the general health of an individual. Get the latest health tips in our blog section.

How does dieting affect my teeth?

How does dieting affect my teeth? If you want to enjoy healthy gums and teeth, it’s not just what you eat that matters, its also when you eat. A balanced diet and a healthy gap between meals keep teeth clean and tooth decay away.

Dieting forces you to go low on carbohydrates and high on protein. This increases saliva acid levels putting you at risk of tooth decay. A crash diet causes vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin B-12 and also calcium necessary to keep teeth and jaws strong. A balanced diet ensures a steady supply of calcium and Vitamin B-12, keeping gum disease at bay. Take a look at tips to choose the best dental clinic in Bangalore.

Who doesn’t want to look young and healthy? Belly fat not only makes you ugly, but it also causes heart disease, diabetes, and poor health. Many young people in a quest to look good, opt for a liquid and fruit diet. The motivation to look and feel good by losing weight quickly has led many young women to hospitals. While the effects of dieting on weight loss and good health are debatable, how on earth can dieting affect teeth?

Foods That Damage Teeth

Many foods and beverages cause plaque. Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky layer on teeth that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque causes cavities even if you brush daily.