Tag: Toothache

A toothache can be difficult to endure. While tooth decay is a key cause, it is one of many potential causes. A tooth pain will make anyone feel miserable. The drive to figure out what’s causing you pain is completely understandable, which is why we made this list. Below you can read through the top ten most common reasons for an aching tooth.

Braces and retainers are a common cause for oral discomfort. A toothache is usually fairly noticeable right after adjustments which move teeth but typically subsides after a few days. When the pain is still extremely uncomfortable and persisting, discuss with your orthodontist so that it does not interfere with your daily life.

Moreover, misaligned teeth can press against others, pushing them out of line as well, resulting in a toothache. Impacted wisdom teeth, also known as wisdom teeth that have failed to break through the gum line, can also be extremely painful. Hence for misaligned teeth, get an orthodontic consultation today.